Leadership and Teamwork

Leaders establish the right culture and climate.  They build, train, inspire, and empower the right team.  And, they provide clarity and focus on the mission.  The team executes passionately, tirelessly, and cohesively to achieve consistently exceptional mission-focused results.  When leaders, teams, and the mission are synchronized…it is a thing of beauty!  It is simple to describe…it is much harder to do!  When your leaders and/or your teams are not achieving optimally…let us help teach, coach, mentor, and guide you to success!

Emergency Preparedness and Response

The time to prepare is before you find yourself in the Eye of the Storm!  Emergency/Disaster Preparedness and Continuity of Operations/Governance planning, training, and exercise…we believe are essential for all businesses and government organizations.  We have extensive military/government and business experience in a wide range of preparedness activities and we can help you and your team achieve an acceptable level of readiness before the disaster strikes!

Project "Rescue"

You have given it your best, but at the organization, program, or project level it just is not working…you are failing.  It is tough and often very humbling to accept, but sometime you just need help…you need an outsider to help achieve something you (personally and/or organizationally) cannot!  Although we much prefer to be on the front-end of effective planning, coordination, and execution…where and when we really make our mark is when things have gone bad.  We are exceptionally good at helping organizations re-find the path to success.  If your best efforts have failed, call us!  On occasion, we may tell you that it is time to cut your losses.  But most often, we will be able to partner with you to change the outcome back to one of success!